How can one make the most of one’s youth?

Answer by Feross Aboukhadijeh:

In no particular order…

1. Prioritize learning.

  • Start early
  • Read a lot. 2-3 hours a day, at least

2. Don't talk about doing stuff. Do stuff.

3. Figure out what you like. Try to become the best in the world at it.

  • If you start early, you will have time to change your mind.
  • Don't worry if it's not "prestigious" or won't make you a lot of money. If you're good at it, you'll make it prestigious.
  • Read "How to Do What You Love" by Paul Graham

4. Experience stuff.

  • Watch epic movies/books/music
  • Go on adventures (road trips, travel to other countries)
  • Talk to interesting people and really LISTEN

5. Spoil yourself on the stuff that matters.

  • Eat well, sleep well, drink (water) well
  • Buy a good bed (you spend ⅓ of your life in your bed)
  • Buy a good computer (since you will spend so much time on it)
  • Similarly, good chair, keyboard, mouse, etc.

6. Ignore the opposite sex until you are 20.

  • Middle school / high school romance is pointless
  • Or, if that's too broad a statement, then at the very least don't feel bad if you don't have a girlfriend/boyfriend before age 20. You're not "missing out" — in the grand scheme of things, it's not very important.

7. Work hard to get into college.

  • In high school, try to get all A's — even when the class is unpleasant.
  • University is such a formative experience, you'll make lifelong friends and business partners, and learn a ton about yourself.
  • ^ You'll want to do this at the best possible school you can get into.

8. Don't worry about your grades.

  • Once in college, don't worry about grades (caveat: unless you plan to go to grad school, especially law or PhD programs, or apply for a competitive job)
  • Optimize for learning and personal happiness
  • Find time for side projects

9. Be genuine. Be nice.

  • Being a generally nice person will make you so many awesome lifelong friends
  • Being genuine is freeing since you can just be yourself with everyone you know — you won't have to worry about keeping lies straight in your head

10. Learn to delay gratification.

  • Ability to delay gratification predicts future success (…)
  • Those who succumb to pressures and do what's immediately satisfying miss out on later satisfaction.
  • Ex: Kids in high school who partied every night are bagging groceries at Safeway now, while those who delayed that "fun" for just a few more years get to work at their dream job for the rest of their lives

Probably more…

(This is all just my own opinion. I'm not trying to make a value judgment on anyone else. This is just the advice I try to follow every day.)

How can one make the most of one's youth?

Is there a better crawler than Scrapy?

Answer by Eric Wu:

If you're looking for a python based crawler, Scrapy is probably your best bet.

However, there are simpler python alternatives & other open source scrapers in Java, Ruby, and PHP. I've curated a list of various open source web scrapers on this Quora question: What are some good free web scrapers / scraping techniques?

For simple scraping without much programming effort, you might want to check out these solutions:

  • uBot ( is a web scraper with a fairly robust GUI interface. It's extremely versatile, but there is a learning curve.Cost = $245
  • Google Spreadsheets … I know, right?! Here's an article detailing how you can use Excel to extract the data you might want using the "importxml" function and xpath ( Cost = Free

If you need a hosted solution, I'd highly recommend 80legs ( or Mozenda (

Is there a better crawler than Scrapy?

Mentoring Mozilla Contributors of EWU

Last Thursday we went to East West University (EWU) to mentor the new contributors on how to get involved with Mozilla’s cool projects. They recently had a MozAwareness Booth at their campus, so all of the participants were very eager to know all the tricks and tips! They were so hyped up after the sessions that some of them started contributing right away! Here is a part of the contributors:


We started out for EWU a bit late but got there right in time for the event. The lab booked for this event was already house full when we stepped into it :D Around 40 participants were present at the time. As a matter of fact, Dr. Md. Nawab Yousuf Ali sir, Chairperson of the CSE department of EWU was there to welcome us with a short but resourceful speech.

Honorable Chairperson of CSE Department, EWU
Honorable Chairperson of CSE Department, EWU
House full!
House full!

We started the Contributor Mentoring day with an introduction to Mozilla. The participants already had a gross idea of what Mozilla is and what philosophy drives us, but this introduction session cleared up lots of confusions like whether all Mozilla’s projects are open source or not and stuff like this. This session was taken by me :D

Me, asking question instead of answering :3
Me, asking question instead of answering :3

After answering all the curious questions from the participants we gave them hands on tour of IRC, the mailing lists, different Facebook groups of Mozilla. Other than a little problem with IRC chat, they got through all these steps of getting connected to Mozilla Bangladesh.

It was Zarin who gave them idea of the Facebook groups and how to get help on these groups. The also talked about WoMoz and Webmaker. An interesting aspect was that many male and female participants were equally interested in WoMoz, which proves their willingness to promote women in the field of technology. Webmaker was another project that got lots of applause because of it’s innovativeness.

Zarin talking about Webmaker
Zarin talking about Webmaker

After Zarin, Iqram came up with MDN and SuMo. Many of the participants who work as web developers already knew about MDN so Iqram showed them how we localized almost all of the MDN in to Bangla. He also coverd SuMo, describing it as,”One stop helpline for Mozillians.”

Iqram explaining the importance of MDN
Iqram explaining the importance of MDN

After we finished guiding the participants through all the communication channels, there was a question and answer session conducted by Iqram. Whatever confusion they new Mozillians had was wiped clean, thanks to him! :D

Finally, we gave the participants stickers and other swags. For all their effort and work we gave lanyards to the volunteers and a Firefox T-shirt to Sayed Mohammad Amir, the club lead of Firefox@EWU club.

Firefox@EWU's Club Lead Amir
Firefox@EWU’s Club Lead Amir
Fahmida, an WoMoz from EWU
Fahmida, an WoMoz from EWU

The event was a total success, and it ended with a few group photos and selfies :D

Here is another blog post by Maruf Islam about the event(Bangla). He is an active Firefox Student Ambassador from EWU who likes to talk about Firefox OS.