“It’s not like that I can’t live without her. I mean, life is no Dhakai cinema that I am the hero who has to lift the 80kg. heroin every now and then and say “Jorina, tumi amar jonno batasher moto, tomake chara ami bachbo na!”. Life is not that ridiculous, but there are a lot of feelings we don’t see all the time. You can live without there feelings, but you are not complete untill you are vibrated by there feelings. She is the one who makes of vibrate, she makes me feel something more real than anything, yet very rear… What I mean is, people fall in love and want to live with the loved ones because they make them feel special. I don’t know how it work, neither I can tell the meaning of being “special”, all I can say is you will know what this feeling is once you get to know the flow and energy of the love you have for someone. I felt that, yet it’s incomprehendable for me. I want to feel that again and again, it may sound like I am addicted to it, but it’s not like that. It’s called love and I want her for the lovely feeling she gives me.”


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