People who are supporting polygamies like Arefin Rumi and Humayun Ahmed can freely unfriend me, or even block me if you please. I have never supported, nor will ever support having multiple sexual partners, let it be holy and lawful or as dreadful as adultery. These two acts are the ‘luicchami’ of same caliber in my eyes.
How can it be? I myself can’t stand the idea of *my* father making *my* mother second to another woman, for any earthly or celestial reason. If you think your daddy has the right to do so then you sicken me.
Go ahead, unfriend me, block me, do whatever you want. I love my family. I *will* love the family that *I* will make. There is no chance that I am going to make these people feel less important in my life, just because I, or anyone near me needs another woman, for whatever reason.


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