Celebrating Victory through Volunteerism

CVTV (Celebrating Victory through Volunteerism) is CommunityAction‘s flagship event where we try to understand the meaning of volunteering for one’s country. Our freedom fighters are the biggest example of
sacrificing lives for the betterment of our motherland. They did so
voluntarily. They took up arms and fought against the invading forces
on their own will.

Now that we are not in an active war does, in no way, suggest that we
can rest on our laurels. There are still vast amount of works to be
done for Bangladesh, in whatever capacity every individual can. A
medical student can teach basic first aid to slum dwellers; a lawyer
can stand up and provide legal help at a subsidized rate to a poor
farmer, a government officer can expedite passing of certain projects
which would help a greater number of people. These are all small acts
of sacrifice which does not need huge logistical support or large-scale

The goal of CVTV is to spread this message of volunteerism. We want
to say that from whatever social class you are, there are always ways
in which you can contribute to the betterment of the society. Please
consider this, in 2010 a tea-stall owner in Dhanmondi area worked to
collect warm clothes and distribute medicines for the
underprivileged. He put in his own small income into the project and
did so with a smile.

CVTV is not a December-only project. Volunteerism for one’s country
is an on-going process and can be done in any place, in any time of
the year. Please look into the next section for details on how to participate.

Let us commemorate the spirit of the freedom fighters with actions and not just with hollow words
and songs. Let us commemorate their actions with at least one voluntary act of community service.

All participating organizations – here are abroad – are working independently, only ensuring that
the theme of ‘community service’ remains the same and they are all united under one banner:

Celebrating Victory through Volunteerism.

In the last three years, we had over 150 organizations participating in the campaign. In 2012, let us
join hands to make this number bigger.

For details on how to participate, please write to cvtv71@gmail.com. Join us in Facebook at

I celebrate victory through volunteerism
I celebrate victory through volunteerism


There are three ways:

1) If you are WITHIN Bangladesh and a member of an organization:

Confirm your organization’s participation by sending us an email. Please add what community
service event you will be doing to commemorate the 16th. You can write to us for ideas. After
you’ve confirmed, we’ll add your name/logo to the final banner. Please note: all organizations will
be working absolutely independently. It will be wonderful if you could just put the slogan- সেবার মাধ্যমে বিজয়ের প্রকাশ of CVTV in your banner to show we are all united.

2) If you are WITHIN Bangladesh, but not a member of any organization:

You can pledge to do a specific worthwhile action for Bangladesh in 2013 and let us know.
December isn’t the only month of ! We do have a range of online as well. In the meantime,
to raise awareness about the event, feel free to change your profile picture to the Facebook badge
attached to this article.

3) If you are OUTSIDE of Bangladesh:

You can get together a few Bangladeshi friends and contribute to the local Bangali community. If
there is none, do something to raise awareness about Tourism Bangladesh. Or you could raise funds
(by, for example, donating an hour’s salary) and help out a Bangladeshi cause. Let us know if you
are participating and we’ll help with everything. Send us a photo of your event too!

Originally by Tonmoy Chakraborty in this article– Celebrating Victory through Volunteerism Concept note


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