Intro to Web – A Webmaker event at AIUB

The Firefox @ AIUB community is relatively a new Firefox Club, in fact it isn’t actually a registered club yet. Our idea is to be objective than being subjective and we found that if we had the AIUB authority supporting us, then registering as a club is not the most important thing at this moment. Thus we started our journey to spread the philosophy of Open Web and Open Source in our campus 😀

On a small adda, almost two months ago, someone proposed we have a Webmaker event. Since most of us have very little idea about how actually websites work, the proposal was greeted with mass appraisal 🙂 We talked to our honorable faculties and after many days of planning arranged Intro to Web – A Webmaker event. And it was a blast! 😀 😀 All thanks goes to Saef sir for guiding us through the whole event!

We had no prior experience in event organizing, so we did some rigorous planning before this one. And it paid us well ^_^ We even had plan B, plan C in case of emergencies which actually occurred! When three of our Mozillian attendees couldn’t make it to the event, we triggered our back up plan and improvised with anything else. Personally, I am grateful that my teammates are so awesome that we had almost all the ends tied up 🙂

Around 2 PM when half of the computer lab was full and we were still copying local version of Thimble, Mr. Mashiour Rahman, Assistant Professor and Head, Computer Science, dropped in to see our progress! We did ask our honorable teacher to visit us in his free time but this was so unexpected! Mashiour sir even gave a short speech, which was truly inspiring for us 🙂

Anam started with a introduction to Mozilla. He explained why Mozilla is concerned about the Open Web and why we should care. Then he gave a short review of Mozilla Bangladesh community’s activities to date. Afterwards Anam transcended in and out after sessions. A few participants had some questions about Mozilla and it’s activities, Anam explained those nicely 🙂

How can I join Mozilla?
How can I join Mozilla?

After that Sharif came with X-ray Goggles 😀 We started with X-ray Goggles because with this cool tool the participants will be able to get a clear view of how websites are constructed.

Sharif with X-ray Goggles
Sharif with X-ray Goggles

After Sharif, Rifaz came forward with Mozilla Thimble. The participants were eagerly waiting for this one because this is when they get to try out their newly learned coding skills 😀

Rifaz explaining tags in HTML
Rifaz explaining tags in HTML

Now that the participants had two tools under their belt, we gave them some time to get creative and build something 😀

Let's create something!
Let’s create something!
Hello from Mozilla!
Hello from Mozilla!
Volunteers and facilitators helping the participants
Volunteers and facilitators helping the participants

Here are a few of the works done by our participants 😀

And my personal favorite:

Afterwards we selected 3 of the best Remixes and gave them prizes 😀

Around 5 PM when we were at the end of the event the speakers also received some gift packs from AIUB. We gifted lanyards to our honorable faculties.

Thus the event officially ended 😀

More photos at Flickr:
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