How to have a Mozilla event at your university

So you have got selected for Firefox Student Ambassadors program? And already opened a Firefox club at your very own campus? 😀 Yay! Congratulations! Now the real work begins 😀

As a beginner, you, the Firefox Club, can organize a number of events that don’t require extensive experience at event management. One of them, and my personal favorite is the Webmaker. Search it on the web and Mozilla’s wiki for more information.


After establishing your Club and discussing the type of event with your fellow Ambassadors, the first thing you need to do is let your local Mozilla community (Mozilla Bangladesh in this case) know your intentions. You can ask for suggestions and advices in our Facebook groups: Mozilla Bangladesh and Firefox Student Ambassadors, Bangladesh. When you have got a clear view of  the plan, send an email to the local Mozilla community’s mailing list (community-bangladesh).


By now you have got okay sign from community members, plus one or more ReMo are ready to help your out 😀 Good job. I take that you explained every part of your plan and adjusted it as other Mozillians suggested. Now you need to find someone at your university who can get you the permission from authority to arrange the event. You can go to-

  • The Office of Student Affairs

  • President of your university’s IT related club

  • A super-enthusiastic faculty

Explain your plan to them too. They too would have some suggestion and advice, revise your plan accordingly.


You have let both the ends know about what you want to do. Now it is time to get official. You need to send a proposal letter through email or as a printed copy (ask your contact which is better) to your university authority. It might be the Head of the Department, an Executive Officer at Office of Student Affairs, or a Faculty in charge of these activities. You can find a demo proposal letter from asking at Mozilla Bangladesh communication channels. Ask on the mailing list thread about any confusion. Add the necessary details to your proposal letter:

  • Topic of the event

  • Duration and date

  • Speakers and sessions

  • Target audience and estimated participants

  • Necessary resources- auditorium, projector, speaker etc.

  • Advertisement- booths, banners and posters.

You are all set to send the letter 🙂

Note: Try to fix a date for the event after at least 6 weeks from the confirmation of your proposal. In that way we can ensure swags and have plenty of time to plan in details.


You have all sorts of permissions for your activities. It is high time you had planned the details. Get a few experienced Mozillians to help you out in this. They might also be the ones taking sessions in this event, or they can suggest who can. You need to-

  • Fix segments for the sessions and gap between them.

  • Decide how to distribute swags

  • Always have plan B, C, even D in case of emergency

  • Select some of your finest as volunteers/facilitator

  • A photographer friend or someone from the Photography Club for awesome photo memories


It’s time for the event 😀 Check if everything is okay a day before the event. Remember to-

  • Check your task list/planning page
  • Keep the next speaker and their instruments ready
  • Put the volunteers on the move so that they can help the participants
  • Distribute swags carefully
  • Be careful with food (if you plan to give refreshments)
  • Take lots and lots of photos
  • And have tons of fun 😀


I hope the event was a success 😀 Congratulations you and your awesome mates! Not time to sit back yet 😛 You have to share your amazing experience with us!

  • Post on Facebook/Google+/Twitter with the FSA page attached with it
  • Write a blog post 😀 with the great photos!
  • Upload the photos to the Mozilla Bangladesh Flickr group
  • Email all the links to the mailing list thread!

Aaaaaand you are done! Hope to see more and more events 😀

Thanks to my buddy another Mozillian Tanha for reminding me to write a step by step guide 🙂 True that not every event will follow these steps, but it will help to get some idea of where to start.

11 thoughts on “How to have a Mozilla event at your university

      1. lolz A Bengali version of this How To will be better, I shared this link last evening with a guy,
        so that he becomes clear about How To Have Mozilla Events at his university 🙂 I hope he has learned from reading this 🙂

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