A cry of despair

Sometimes there is no point in asking for help if your soul is troubled. You won’t be able to convey your situation because your the cognitive part of your mind is overly influenced by your emotional distress. As a result however you try to say it, the other person will never be able to grasp your situation and respond properly. The other person wouldn’t be interested to hear your problems right away, either. You have to use the right hooks to grab their attention first, then go through the complex process of convincing them that you need the help. This is true even for the people who are very close to you. They have their own problems, so it will take some effort to make them tune in to your frequency. So at the end you are the one who will be left to solve the problems of your existence.

No matter how you try, you will always feel that lag in communication with your people. Also, everyone around you is probably more connected to the world than you are. You might be a social butterfly, or you a chat-magnet. You might even be the queen bee in your small pocket of human band that you call your circle. When you are not there, they are enjoying their lives to the fullest and they don’t even remember you on a super-conscious level. You can fool yourself by saying there is no such thing as a communication lag, or you might even choose to believe this is expected and you will be fine. In reality you will always know it is there back in your head. In any moment now you will see how hopelessly your words, words that you set up to convey your utter sadness and related feelings, get misinterpreted, misunderstood and taken wrong actions for.


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