About me

Hi! I am Ratul from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I was born and raised here, currently working my way through undergrad.

I am a Mozillian. Like my fellow Mozillians, I believe in a Open Web where anyone can create and share. I usually attend programmes in university campuses and work on engagement.

I am an Actioneer, that is, a member of CommunityAction. It is a small student run volunteer NGO. Our slogan is ‘Even a Smile is Charity’. I do mainly field work and project manegement for our different Actions.

These organizations are my life 🙂 With one, I fight for the opennes, and with another, I try to heal the weeping hearts. Other than my volunteer works I have a number of hobbies: coding, reading books and manga, indoor gardening, travelling and a lot other things!

Feel free to contact me through email 🙂 I almost reply to all of my mails.